Wednesday, 1 November 2006

welcome to November

We took a long drive this morning after breakfast, through the woods and around the river. It was beautiful - when the sun hits the yellow leaves, it rivals the lurid color of the highway divider line. And the sky was so blue.

Cass, being Cass, wanted to know why so many people were taking down their Halloween decorations. And then he was astonished that it was over, that all the anticipation and spookiness and (probably candy-getting) was done.

But November stretches in front of us like a twisty old country road.

He was quiet in the back seat for awhile. Then:
"So will it be Christmas soon?"


Let me enjoy the russets and yellows, the reds and oranges, the crunchy-leaved crispness of fall.

THEN we'll talk about Christmas.

(and Blogger, Blogger, why hast thou forsaken all who like to put pictures with words? And why so long?)


Jenny said...

I went to Target yesterday and there were 4 rows of xmas stuff out.


Erin said...

Sorry, Jess, it's probably my fault. I posted 14 pictures earlier. :)

MsCellania said...

I am LOVE LOVE LOVING those of you who are doing that Post Every Day gift to the rest of us!
Crisp and clear and Days of Soup - Autumn is the BEST season.
We are mourning the end of Halloween around here, too. So we are leaving the stuff up 'til the weekend.