Friday, 24 November 2006


Sometimes the girl gets herself in a rut.

She'll seize upon a phrase, and 'peat and repeat until the sounds don't mean much anymore; they're background noise and I think she just likes the feel of them in her mouth.

Today, she and I dropped C off at school, ran a few errands, then got coffee (me) and a cookie (her) and headed for home.

She helped me tidy up a bit and then she sat down with her baby doll and Ellie Phunt.


O-kay. I kept unloading the dishwasher. Some days I can translate, some days not.

She kept sing-songing it while I finished the dishes, chopped veg for dinner and bustled laundry around.

When we picked C back up she greeted him with a big 'Tass! Daddyhopper!'
and kept repeating it while he told her about his day (Shapes! And paint! And yellow and blue makes green!) By the time we were out of the grocery store I was so tired of hearing about the daddyhopper I resorted to string cheese* just for some blessed quiet.

Bear came home, I got the plates out of the cupboard, poured milk, etc. Rosey came running into the kitchen, a huge grin plastered on her face. Her arms windmilling, she pointed to Bear, the counter and the table.

'See! Daddyhopper!'

Bear worked it out first. We all sat down to, supper soon after that.

*My kids? The candy they can take or leave - but the cheese? You want to be careful, and mind your fingers.


Anonymous said...

I'm more into cheese than candy myself -- though if faced with cheese versus chocolate... I suppose it would depend on the the type of cheese vs. the type of chocolate.

MsCellania said...

Oh, I wish our daddy was always home for hopper. He seldom is...

Wow, it is gorgeous here today. Crystal clear, azure blue skies.

velcro said...

Ok now I have an image of your husband in my head as a sort of walking talking space hopper from the 70s.

Wish the FB would eat cheese instead of sweets. Or indeed cheese at all, instead he believes it is the cursed flesh of the devil and refuses to touch it.

Grey, windy, rainy cold here today

And Happy Thanksgiving by the way.

julia said...

Yeah, I was picturing him with huge eyes and antennae. :D

Cheeeeeeeese. Your kids are wicked smaht. Cheese is gooooooooood.

daysgoby said...

You know, I spent awhile trying to find one of the illustrations of the Grasshopper from James and the Giant Peach, but just kept coming up with pictures from the blasted film....

I kept thinking of the leader of the Grasshoppers from A Bug's Life - I think Tim Allen did the voice?
Very unsettling.

Angela said...

That was adorable.