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tangerine trees and marmalade skies

letter to me

can't talk,must zzzzzzz

swimming in a lake of spam

potty training for grownups

saturday with snow and water

hee snort hee

public service announcement

improbable solace

confident condiments

queen of de nile


'well, it could', she said

I may never be a real grown-up

higitus figitus

the guilt monther ith here

hearts and flowers

paper and clay

tell me what you're reading

out and about today

the tag in front isn't pokey

the weekend

mmm, pancakes*

super mom

my life would be better if I cooked more, apparently

a blog was born

gardening in my mind

little girl lost

we are all rock stars

notes on super tuesday

to the rest of us he's unmannered and foolish

making my day

daytime tv leaves me cold

barrett's privateers