Friday, 29 April 2011

public service announcement

  The playground should be for swinging, not dumping.

And if she catches you, you're getting The Look, because litter isn't cool.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Friday, 22 April 2011

growing up

Well, now, this turning forty (yes. ME. FORTY!!!!!) isn't so painful after all. I mean, it was a great day!

My family and I ate Chinese, then after a flying stop at home where I learned I now have a job (squee!) I went to my book club meeting (Love those women. I am BLESSED to have them in my life.) where I was caught up in rolling, choking laughter and camaraderie and a lot of wine and flowers (two different kinds!) and a lovely pressy and so much fun,  plus munchies and cake. Then I came home to two wide-awake kids (who then had left-over birthday cake) and this morning?

Bacon, coffee, and more birthday cake.

Really, who could ask for more?

I'm not sure how I expected to feel about turning forty. My mother (who was not expected to live past her twenties) used to say she thought of every year as a gift.  I always thought by the time I was forty, I'd be settled, with kids and a husband and a great group of friends....

Oh, wait. I am.

And I'm actually really happy about it.

Here's to another forty.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

playing catch-up

Last Friday, I was laid off from my job.

This was not the best time to have this happen - it never is, is it? - but it wasn't the absolute worst, either.  I'm counting my chickens before they're hatched, but I've had some (preliminary) good news on that front already, and I think bigger and better things are soon on their way.

My ticket's bought, my itinerary set - I'll be going to the States next month. A flying visit (no pun intended!) for my step-mother's memorial service. I can't wait to hang out with my Dad, and am going to see Erin too!  (Am trying to set up some other blog-friend meet-ups too, but everything's still up in the air. No worries - it's early days yet.)

I've been busy - Rosey's getting baptized on Sunday (it, uh, slipped my mind and we never had it done) and the preparations for that (The whys! The hows! The yes, the minister is going to get you wet(s)! The fancy dress! The anticipation!) are extensive. It should be a pretty service, full of pomp and circumstance and Cass reading a verse and her relatives grinning. I'm really happy that R is being baptized in the same church her brother was (although he was much, much smaller - darned second-child syndrome and lousy maternal memory) and that B and I were married in, and I'm happy that the minister that R and C happily chat with and are learning from gets to assist in the process of welcoming  Miss Rosey into the church.

Beyond that, we're having a lazy Saturday, planning to have a walk later - maybe some running through fields and kicking of rocks, maybe some exploring. 

After all, it's a beautiful day.

Monday, 4 April 2011

april 3rd

The hoarfrost was thick on the car this morning, of course.  But yesterday was gorgeous.

Yesterday afternoon the light was creamy and sweet and the air blew soft and I opened all the windows and let the staleness of winter waft out of the corners and away down the road. It was the kind of day where I wish I had a clothesline, the kind of day when I wander around the outside of the house, plotting I could put a sliding glass door here and a patio here, and the house would be brighter and seem bigger and oh, look at the green just peeping up on the ground and the light! the light has changed and the sandbox gets used and bikes get brought out and I finger my seed catalogs with loving intent.

It was fantastic, capped off with a soft sunset and peeping stars.

Welcome back, Spring.

Friday, 1 April 2011

stay strong

Rosey has had a hell of a a time lately.

She came down with the flu (despite stoically getting a flu shot last season - these germs are tricky little buggers!) and now they won't leave. They insist they like my girl just fine, thank you, and regardless of time and  medicines and just plain wishing them out, they've stayed. Set up housekeeping and everything.

Frankly, I wish they'd take their nasty little selves and go attack some other kid. Watching Rosey be pale and still is unnerving, to say the least. And she hasn't grinned at me in days.

She's mending, slowly. This morning there was a bit of colour in her face (still the terrible eye circles that look like we punch her regularly, damn it) and she wanted to go to school.  She came downstairs pretty quickly, but s l o w e d down while eating breakfast and it was obvious her energy levels are really, really low.

She stayed a school a few hours and is now ensconced at the babysitters, where she'll nap and veg out and please! feel better.

I miss bouncy Rosey. A lot.

B took her to the doctor the other day. A virus, of course, was the culprit - one that was quietly decimating the local towns, and had been lasting five days to a week. According to that time-table, she should be feeling better soon.

Just not fast enough.

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