Wednesday, 8 November 2006

my ears are in the gutter

The first day of the conference was today - lots of facts, and lots of new faces and organizations to learn. It was pretty fun - a really nice, dynamic group.

The main session was held in a long, echoing conference room that fronted on the sea. The lead speaker was droning on (and I'd like to introduce blah blah blah....) and we were all paying half-attention (digesting lunch!) while looking out at the grey and angry ocean. The sound system was pretty clear, except for the odd echo or two, most that seemed to happen when the speaker was talking about herself. We learned she was an sexual addictions counselorr-r-r-r-r-r-r and she lived in.... and I lost track of it and looked out the window again.

Then the woman sitting next to me poked me. Her face was scrunched up and her eyes were merry. "Listen!"

"Now", the speaker said, "we're all going to divide up into teams and I'd like yoot (yoot, yoot, yoot) to discuss the scenarios. I want yoot (yoot, yoot, yoot) to really pick out the best terms, things that jump out at yoot. Yoot should all be able to find some things to discuss. Yoot will have fifteen minutes for this exercise."

Now I'm quite sure the woman wasn't talking about her girl parts. But we snorted and winked at each other and thought it was funny. Because after all morning learning terms and processes and success rates and failures, a giggle was a nice thing to have. Don't yoot know?


Liz said...

Is yoot a Canadian term or am I just so naive? On an unrelated note, toffee recipe please.

velcro said...

I'm glad to hear that you're having a good time at your conference with the odd sexual explicit speaker!
used to hate going to these things when I was working, especially the games they made you play to work together as a group. Am a grownup (well most of the time!) not a kiddie.

velcro said...

on a completely unrelated note, weirdly I think your recipe for apple crisp is the same as ours for apple crumble!

am making your chicken soup tonight by the way and am really looking forward to it

daysgoby said...

Liz - I'm still hunting for a really good one. But I will post it! And I think yoot is a Canadian thing....

Velcro - Will post my husband's mother's crumble (it's out of this world) tomorrow - here a crisp is with oatmeal or a streusel topping and a crumble is made with breadcrumbs. Tis yummy either way.