Friday, 30 September 2005

Mommy and Cassidy's Day Of Fun!

Welp, I've put my foot in it now. Bear found all these great age-appropriate games for Cass ( and now I'm fighting them BOTH for computer time....sheesh.

Actually, I'm taking a break from a day of just Cass and me (it's been a long time since just he and I had a day together - ummm, a year? How old is Rosey now?) so we've done 'cool' errands (Picked up Bear's chain saw from the store full of four wheelers and motorcycles, went out to breakfast, chased Daddy in the (empty and not carrying a patient) ambulance, dropped books off at the library. Next we're going to go buy Mommy underwear (okay, not so cool, but people, I'm in rags here) and go through the car wash - which will up the cool quotient considerably.

I figure after that I can get a coffee and watch him fall asleep in the car. Or, if he's still bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, we can detour through the new dollar store and add to his collection of dinky cars.

Tonight: Cass and I make meatloaf and cinnamon rolls (this is what happens when you ask an almost-four-year-old what he wants for supper) and Bear and I figure out what to get him for The Boy's Fourth Birthday, which is (gasp! horrors! how did he grow up so fast?) next week.

Wednesday, 28 September 2005

a distinct lack of Mommy-help

When I was planning my wedding I watched the shows.
Once Upon A Wedding, A Wedding Story, Bridezillas, Wedding Dreams, Happily Ever After.
Who didn't? It made me feel part of a club, where everyone was doing interesting, different things, but were still working towards a common goal. Books and magazines filled in anything the tv missed.

When I became pregnant, I watched A Baby Story. Birth Stories. A Beautiful Start. Labor Ward. The Delivery Room. The Stork Stories.
There was another world of women out there, who could help me through this next life journey - who could help me figure out what to expect and what I should be prepared for. (At least that was the premise,ahem,but that's another post!)

Then, KA-BOOM! I'm a Mom now, and suddenly, there is next-to-no support.
Most books in the library go directly from birth to toddler, with next to no mention of the bit in-between, unless I want to know how to feed my child. The 'help' shows (Supernanny, Nanny 911) don't address babies, except in the 'You're spoiling that child!' realm. TLC has shows that detail first dates, proposals, weddings, childbirth, and then....cast adrift with nothing. I suspect we're all expected to freeze at that moment in our lives? Snapshot: Mama and Daddy hold baby, staring down at their bundle of joy, then fade to black.
So the years from infant to toddler are barely addressed, and the time from toddler (the Terrible Two's) to school-age are IGNORED.

I suppose TLC will jump back in with 'Intervention', right?

Sunday, 18 September 2005

Cassidy's top five

1. Big Yellow Taxi, the Counting Crows version
2. Mr. Sandman (Bwing me a dream!)
3. Just Lose It (Eminem)
4. Car Wash (Shark Tale Mix) - Christina Aquilara and Missy Elliot
5. The theme song from 'Cyberchase'

Guess which one is giving me Mommy-guilt??

And he lurves it. Shakes his little bum and everything.

And, to top it all off, the other night I found the Rosebud in the dishwasher.

I may get that award for Mother Of The Year yet! Ummm, not.

Thursday, 15 September 2005

last day

Disgruntled tonight - I've been working at my old job for a few weeks, scheduling workers to go into clients' homes, and I knew it was a temporary thing, I did, but now it's going to be over and I realize how much I love doing it. And, damnit, I'm good at it. I have a case of the sad n' blues tonight, I guess.

(Yanking myself out of sad mode) Back to job hunting! Yeehaw! Away Silver!!

Sunday, 4 September 2005

lazy day

It's quiet-time here in the go-by household - Rosey is conked out in her crib, clutching her bunny's ear, all curled up like a little shrimp and dreaming. Cass has enticed his Dad into his bed ('Read to me! READ TO ME!!) and now I can hear the sounds of Bear trying to rest, irritably mumbling things like 'Don't put your fingers on my eyes, Cass. I can't sleep when you do that.'

Me? I'm on the computer, listening to the house calm down. The big blond kitty just threw up a nice hairball (he's the one that social grooms the others) and I guess I'm waiting to see if there will be a repeat performance.

When naps are over, we're going to the library, the farmers market, and probably the playground, 'cause he'll need a romp.

And now (politely smothering a yawn) I think I shall amble off meself.

Saturday, 3 September 2005



A house
Two cars
Clean water
Diapers and formula
Access to hospitals
My children and husband, safe and well.

I never thought I was a rich woman, but now...

Katrina was a bitch.

Those poor, poor people.

Yarn over and over

Someone, an old babysitter maybe, taught me to crochet when I was six. I remember making long braided loops of yarn and thinking how pretty ...