Tuesday, 14 November 2006

games big kids play

A friend of mine just had a birthday party for her two year old and she was bemoaning the tons of 'Thomas the Evil Train' stuff he was sure to get. Her little boy loves anything Thomas, and she's tired of stepping on the toys, tired of putting them away, and most especially tired of hearing the theme song and the little blowing whistles.
I sympathised but neither of my kids have ever really had a tv or toy obsession (yes, I realize I'm most likely heading into Barbie territory, but that's at least a few years away, right?) so I wasn't really connected.

But that's all changed.

You see, around here they do a wonderful job of not overloading the kids with candy on Halloween. Cass and Rosey both had great things in their bags like little Halloween snowglobes, whistles, chips, juice boxes, fruit snacks, stickers, dinky cars, stuff like that. Obviously there was some candy, but not the slew of chocolate I was expecting. Which was definately okay. (But no flavored tootsie rolls! I may have to do an internet search....)

Cass is almost to the end of his stuff. He very methodically picks out two things he eats every day. He's been so good at spinning this out that we've let him handle it, and so I was unprepared when he thrust two small packages in my lap.

Pokemon cards. I stifled a shriek. Isn't he too young for those?

"What are those?"

"It's a (think Jessica, think) evil, evil thing. Aaaah! game big kids play."

Well, that didn't slow him down. He was already flipping through them, eagerly looking at the pictures.

"Can you play it with me? Look how cool! This one looks like a big fat worm with a chicken head."

"No, sorry, honey. Mommy has no idea how to play." (Said truthfully, but not...really...sorrowfully.)

So he was happy looking at all the cards. In fact he carried them around for a few days, sorting, mixing, talking about the different beasties. I watched with a jaundiced eye and figured I was going to have to actually read a book? watch a show? Get the local eight year old to teach me? learn the game.
I was steeling myself to ask the librarian if there were any Pokemon tutoring classes for adults when.....he stopped carrying them around.

Then Rosey had three of them that she was busy coloring on. And B started using one as a bookmark.

So I breathed easier. Perhaps, just perhaps, our house had scooted under the Pokemon radar. Just a couple more years without anime taking over everything from the games he plays to the clothes he wears, please?

And then yesterday? He brought out two more packs and laid them in my lap. They were in Rosey's bag.

And the obsession begins again.



Joke said...


Brace your-freakin'-self.


Shinny said...

My son was really into Pokemon a few years ago. When we unpack the videos I will see if we still have any, I could send them up to you. It is cheaper to send packages to Canada then it is to send them to someone else here in the States. I will let you know what I find in the 4000 boxes of fun I will be unpacking over the next few weeks. Maybe I can help you cover Christmas. ;)

MsCellania said...

They are a-trying to develop yet another addiction right here in this very household and I think it is of the Pokeman sort. The scholastic book catalog had a beginner's book, and I wavered over it, but passed. I'm going to see if it continues. We have Thomas out the ying-yang, Hot Wheels and a huge costume box full of Power Rangers, Hercules, Buzz (not loved anymore) and other characters. I am trying to avoid yet another collectable thing. But now? The boys HAVE TO pick up all toys on 2 levels before getting a movie or tv in the late afternoon. They pick up so fast, with little encouragement.

Liz said...

ohhh. I am bracing myself for the onslaught of the marketers. Hopefully Pokemon Obsession II will pass quickly and quietly. (Also, kudos to Cass for his restraint!)

M&Co. said...

What J said.

I mean my house is cock full of Legos, Thomas The Tank Engine trains (we love anything trains) and hot wheels cars. I have hundreds, and I don't think I'm exaggerating but just a little bit when I say hundreds of hot wheels cars.

And I hadn't gotten rid of all the freakin Barbie stuff from when the GirlChild was younger.

My float said...

I always vowed that my child would never wear/watch/know anything that had an ounce of marketing involved. Like Thomas. Woody and Buzz. And Sesame Street. The Wiggles. You name it, he knows all about it. He's probaby got the t-shirt and if not, then the toy or the drink bottle.

Fate has a funny sense of humour.

wordgirl said...

I SO remember the days of Thomas the Tank Engine. There were days where they wouldn't watch anything else.

lala said...

My 14year old can give you an education in Pokemon! Shall I put him on the ferry?

velcro said...

I know a three year old who is utterly obssessed with Thomas the Tank Engine to the point that his parents utterly hate the show and all the marketing crap that goes with it.
Good luck with the pokemon maybe he'll be intrigued with the pictures for a little while and then it'll pass.

Heather said...

Pretty sure you should be able to find flavoured tootsie rolls at Bulk Barn. I'm one of those dumb kidless people who say "no noisy, commercial toys." I know I'm in for a shocker.

Jeanne said...

Yeah, I hate all that marketing too. My oldest was really into Pokemon for about a year and then just got bored of it. I hated the things. In fact I hate anything ANIME. Like you say, EVIL, evil things. :)