Thursday, 23 November 2006

turkey lurkey

Last night, I laid in bed with Bear and had a long, in-depth conversation about our days and who we saw and what we learned and what we're anxious about - and it was nice. We don't do that enough.

He's rather busy, that husband of mine, between his job, and his casual job and his schooling and being a father - so much that some days we talk only about surface things - a litany of 'Greats!' and 'Okay, I can do that' and 'How much gas is in the car?', and that's fine and okay and works in the short-term.

But some nights (after the kiddles have shuffled off to bed) we talk.

And it's good. I remember all over again what a neat guy he is, and he's surprised how interesting I am. (And vice-versa.)

Here's to more of that.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.


MsCellania said...

Oh, let's have LOTS more of that!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your dear husband, Cass and Rosey!

Jeanne said...

That doesn't happen nearly often enough in my home.

Susan said...

We had a night like that, too, and it was wonderful.

Happy Thanksgiving, Jess.

Molly said...

before you have children you take that so for granted....and then you get it so rarely it's a treat...