Saturday, 25 November 2006

some days, other people say it best

Sometimes being married is more work than not. When we're both running on no sleep and the kids are long and loud and (holy hell, are there really only two of them??) just insane it's easy to start to lose faith in each others' ability to parent.

Stuntmother from I Do All My Own Stunts wrote:

I also get so mired in my own self-righteous exhaustion that I forget that simply choosing the kinder thing to say matters a lot. Or not saying anything if I can only think of ratty, carping stuff. And it's not efficient to demand kindness from another in angry words.*

And I need to tattoo that on my wrist.

*complete post here. Go read it. She says it well.


kirsty said...

Hey there! Thanks for the link. Nice to meet you!

bethany said...

I'd like a tattoo on my wrist also ... a diabetic tattoo but I just can't figure out exactly what I want ...

hmmm - someone should help me :-D

anyway -- hi I'm bethany and i'm just stopping by to say hi

feel free to stop by my sight and say hello:-D