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Thank you, Spanglish.

An Exercise in Identity

I am from red wool mittens, from Sorel Boots and ponchos and wandering on the dunes.

I am from small houses with odd details, refinished furniture and good smells of roasting meat and old books. From comfortable laps and goodnight stories after getting lost on deserted beaches, the roar of Lake Michigan like a tempo in my blood.

I am from leaf-dappled, myrtle-strewn paths, the old apple trees down the meadow, the broad, flat, slow, easy river.

I am from Hoppin' John on New Year and banana pancakes and deep hazel eyes, from Rosemary and Laurinda and many Edwards, strong and true.

I am from smart, independent women and caring, compassionate men. From lightning bug night-lights and midnight cocoa when it stormed. From peanut butter and red onions, oysters swallowed raw and whole.

I am from the religion of my fore-fathers, hot Sunday mornings spent in dresses and scratchy tights singing, learning a God my grandparents considered a friend. I am from doubt and questions and using science to quantify. I am from faith.

I'm from the great North-East, daughter of Dutch shoes and German immigrants, of scrapple and home beans and fat, purple grapes. Of daisy-chains and algebraic equations and debate at the dinner table and always, always being encouraged to question.

I am from hand-lettered scrapbooks, rag dolls with button eyes, the hissing of summer lawns and bluegrass festivals, clog-dancing and candy-covered macadamias, celebrations and shared joys and tears and hoopin' and hollerin'.

I have been so loved.

(read this, and do if you wish.)


meggie said…
Oh that is so beautiful!
What a lovely tribute to you & yours before you.
Molly said…
Pure poetry! I may have to pilfer this.......may I?
daysgoby said…
molly - I'd love to read yours.
Angewl said…
Absolutely beautiful.
jAMiE said…
Lovely, just lovely...i couldnt even begin to do something so lovely...did i say lovely?
I thought this was just superb poetry. It was a wonderful way to express your identity. I had thought it was yours entirely until I clicked on the link. Never mind, I am still impressed. I doubt if I could do it as well. If it seems like I am rambling it is because I liked it so much that I really don't know what to say.
DaniGirl said…
Oh, how lovely. I may indeed pilfer this to try on my own - thanks!
Sarah Louise said…
ooh, it's been eons since I've done one of these. Thanks for posting the template.

As per usual, I skim read, but I'll come back and REALLY read it later. But so far, beeyootiful.

happy thanksgiving! (but I guess you already celebrated it in October, with you Canadian kids?)
bec said…
this is very clever, at first I couldn't see how you could meme it


I think it still takes talent to make a version like yours to make a pro forma flow so very beautifully and bring so much meaning!
thailandchani said…
This is really lovely! :)
This is so lovely! And I'm so very glad to have found your blog and you.

It sounds as if you were loved as all children should be loved by those smart, independent women and caring, compassionate men.

Your childhood defines cozy and warm.
Diane said…
this is beautiful. I've read a few of these recently and now I plan to try one myself -- thanks!

Diane (also Canadian)
Alberta Postcards
Diane's Flickr photos
Curly Hair said…
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Mrs4444 said…
Well, that was truly wonderful; thanks so much for leading me to it. I loved it.
EarnestGirl said…
Lucky and lovely and evocative. Thank you for sticking out your hand and leading me over to see.
Debbie said…
Great writing, and a lovely happy feeling to it.

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