Thursday, 2 November 2006

one of these things is not like the other

Can you guess?

Bear made supper tonight - when I came in out of a chill and drippy night the house smelt of meatloaf and onions and it was wonderful to come in and have supper done.

While I was dishing up for the kids he held out his hand. "What do you think of this potato?"
I looked, thinking it would be warty or sprouty or in the shape of a capitol C.... but it looked like a potato.

Except it's a rock.

He found it in the potato bag. Stone Soup, anyone?


Molly said...

...tough on the teeth....wonder how it got there? He must have had fun trying to peel it.

julia said...

Wow. Now, how does the potato packer person not notice that "hey, this potato's awfully cold. And hard."

Wisconsin Crunchy Mama said...

Huh, weird! Way to add some weight to the bag, I guess!

velcro said...

as the FirstBorn would say "how 'trange"!

(thank you for your lovely comment. i agree the Aussies were rubbing their lovely weather in, made me very jealous)

Joke said...

Get your money's worth out of it and save it for April Fool's Day.


Stuntmother said...

That's hysterical. Truly. Like the holding your nose and not being able to differentiate between a potato and an apple only much much harder on the teeth.

Suse said...

Thank you for that link!

Last year when Son #3 was in prep (kindy class to you I think), every Thursday in winter was Stone Soup day. Each child had to take a vegetable to school, the precious (and carefully washed) stone was taken down from the shelf with great ceremony, and the children and teacher made and then ate the soup.