Tuesday, 28 November 2006

she's a part-time career girl

Things to buy for work:

Wooly socks

It's freaking cold there! (Damn the skirts!) The office is in a refurbished old building - it's really lovely, wide planked scrubbed wood floors, lots of windows that show off all the old buildings around and views of the harbor. The company that owns it likes both strong Scandinavian influences and Feng Shui (you know what I mean? Clean, open lines with purpose?) and unfortunately, that will be lovely in the summer but holy cow the building doesn't heat up until noon.

My first day was fine - thanks for all the good wishes!

The next month is going to be BUSY - this job will be two or three days a week, my old job has asked me to come back one day a week, (short term - for a month*) and somewhere I need to squeeze the manse in there too. This could quickly de-evolve into a case of 'I''m here, it must be Monday!'

Not that I'm not up to the challenge. Actually, today? Picking the kids up, after not having them all day plus talking to adults? Made me happier to see them and more relaxed about sitting on the floor playing when we should have been eating supper, etc. **

I think I make an awesome part-time Mom, and I don't think I do the stay-at-home all the time gig very well at all.

Hats off to those of you who do.

After almost two years of trying, I can say now without guilt that my kids do better with a loving caring babysitter a few days a week then we all do together forever.

Anyhoo! First day was great! Tomorrow, my old job! New stresses, friendly faces!

And how was YOUR day today??

*And CW? Hi, girl! I WILL be grilling you on the status of the DOH and the request to hire me. Because the great big world of working? SUCKS when you have a job that you love and do well and can't get a permanent job with. Just sayin'.

**Cass said tonight at supper TWICE "You're not tired, Mommy!' and when I told him I was tired, actually, he said ' But you aren't telling me to be quiet!' Poor kid. What have I been doing?
I told him I was just happy to see him, which made him smile and got me a pizza smeary kiss.


lost said...

good luck with work



Stomper Girl said...

You definitely reach an overload point when you spend all day with the small people. Come 7pm I am desperate to see the back of them! But then I creep into their rooms at 9.30pm to admire their sleeping beauty.
Glad to hear the first day was a good one.

Cat, Galloping said...

congrats on a great day! 2-3 days/week sounds perfect to me.

My float said...

I think my son will be saying that very thing to me next year when he starts pre-school and I don't have to ask him to occupy himself for 20 minutes while mummy takes a work call!

Good for you. I'm very pleased it's working for you.

Joke said...

By "cold" you mean "under 65F?"


stay-at-home mommy said...

This post made me feel selfishly jealous and a little sad because I stay at home full-time with my kiddos (plus one more) and I feel like my patience has definitely seen better days. Maybe I should get a part-time job somewhere!

Sounds like work is agreeing with you. Congratulations!!

MsCellania said...

Congrats on finding some Good Work.
I think most of us would fare better if we could work AWAY from the ones we love so much. Kids are energy suckers.

Anonymous said...

Amen Jess. I am a much happier mom because I work full-time. And Boo is so much happier with a mommy who WANTS to play and build tall towers with blocks at 7pm instead of shuttling her to the tub. I think SAHM's are candidates for sainthood. :)

Congrats on the job(s) and good luck shopping!!


Sephyroth said...

Just thought I'd say hi as I'm trying to visit and comment on as many of the NaBloPoMo blogs as I can. :)

Good luck :)