Monday, 20 November 2006


Don't you wish you could just walk into this picture?
Go down the little hill into the sunshine and suss about in the crackly leaves until you got to the river, then float stick boats on it until dusk?

It looks like a friendly place to do things like that.

(Sorry it's a little blurry - the car was moving when I took this shot.)


Molly said...

.....which means you didn't walk down the hill into the sunshine and float stick boats on the river 'til dusk....for shame!You'll have to curb your enthusiasm for chocolate banana bread until next week when I get back to FL.....

Joke said...

But is it cold?


daysgoby said...

We actually were supposed to get a frost last night, but today we'll run around in t-shirts and light coats. We've been having a run of high50s-60s and incredible sunshine!

(And I'm picturing you reading that and shivering elegantly.)

velcro said...

lucky you it is freezing here today, and it looks and feels like snow...not on the weather forecast though.