Saturday, 4 November 2006

in the company of madness

This morning, I woke to find my family had been replaced by a pack of trolls.

The tall one was gruff and grouchy and needed strong coffee to get going. Once this was dispatched, he went on his grumpy way, but I was forewarned - the other members of the pack would be making their appearances shortly.

The furry one clattered up and down the stairs busily with the medium-sized troll, playing some sort of 'you go next - I go first!' game I was afraid to learn the rules of, while the youngest one drummed her head and heels on the ground for what felt like hours at a time and howled.

For no apparent reason. You see the trollishness of it all?

I would take refuge with the cats in my bedroom, but the cats? Are still pissed we brought home the dog-shaped object.

I think I may go explore the attic.



velcro said...

one of those days when Outer Mongolia looks like a very welcoming place?

daysgoby said...

oooh, yes.

Erin said...

You got the grumpies, I got the clingies. Emily was the princess of clingy this morning, sitting on my lap with her head on my chest, refusing to let me put her down. Then, while I was changing her diaper, I thought that she felt kinda warm. 102.1 fever. Oh. I guess that explains the clingy. But, now the grumpies have paid us a visit, too. And the no-nap fairy is also here and in effect. Happy Saturday! Hope Sunday brings the departure of the grumpies for you.

julia said...

The Grumpies visit my house every. single. day. I wish to fuck they'd go home.

stay-at-home mommy said...

I have had more days like these than I care to count. I feel your pain, sister!