Wednesday, 15 November 2006

no diaper

Sunday morning Small Determined Girl decided she didn't want any more of those nasty Pull-Ups, and brought me some of her panties.

Taking this as a divine sign from God (the stray sunbeam framing her hand holding her new tiny whities didn't hurt, either - really, all we needed was a chorus singing in the background) I said something about being a Big Girl now* and she was all nods and smiles and 'I pee in potty. Okay?'

Absofrickinglutely okay! I grinned and snapped the tags off. "Sure, honey."

So yesterday, she remembered twice, (with five long, book-reciting false alarms) and forgot four times, including one where she went into the bathroom and pee'd on the floor in front of the toilet. Diapers, of course, (which she hated with a passion usually reserved for cough syrup and apple skin) for nap and bed, but I thought we were making progress. I barely managed to contain myself and not break out the champagne.**

Monday she didn't want anything to do with the potty, the panties, the big girl!, nothing. She brought me a Pull-Up. Her expression dared me to comment.

But, today! Sunshiney, glorious today? She woke me with a demand for big-girl underwear.
'No diaper, Mama. Wosey no diapah.'

I'm still smiling, and I don't care about the puddles I'm wiping up. She's trying.***

And that's pretty neat.

*and no, we weren't singing the Kandoo song.
**I'm on five straight years of diapers and counting. Which doesn't qualify me for a World Record or anything but feels like a fricking loooong ass time, anyway.
***And Cass didn't develop like this (it's like she woke up one morning and decided Must! Be! a Big Kid! all at once) but the fact that she's transitioning from a crib now pretty much dooms her to fail on this, doesn't it? Too many milestones at once?


Liz said...

Three cheers for small determined girl. I think girls must just get tired of wetting themselves, whereas some boys would never get over it!

Erin said...

I join Liz in her 3 cheers for the determined girl.

I have no experience in any of this, but if she's the one directing the changeover to underwear, then she's probably able to handle it. It's not like you're pushing her to be a big girl, she's the one coming to you. And I'm betting the opposite was true, the day that she brought you the pull-up was a day that she just wasn't feeling as confident about it, though she probably doesn't have the verbal ability or the maturity to tell you that herself.

Happy Big Girl day to you again!

velcro said...

well done Rosey! She must be ready for big girl pants if she is bringing them to you and refusing to wear a nappy.
I think the FB would have been happy to stay in a nappy forever but made the transition to a potty then to a toilet very easily.

MsCellania said...

Are these the Hanna Tighty-Whities? You can also sew her favorite character out of a book or Disney (You can get them scanned on to cloth) and tell her "Oh, don't pee-pee on Elmo (or Ariel, or whomever)." That worked great for a girlfriend of mine who had 2 girls. You could also get the front panels machine embroidered...are there Embroidme places around there?

Jeanne said...

In my experience, gilrs haven't been easier (but I only had one).

I know what you mean about the diaper years. I was in diapers 2 and a half years, had a two year break and I've been in diapers (at times 2 kids at a time) for the last 8 years now and still have about 2 years left to go... That's not counting diapers to bed because of bedwetting. (They all have had diapers until at least 4 or 5 years and my daughter is 6 and a half and STILL pees at least twice at night, without getting up.)

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