Friday, 10 November 2006


And this is what happens when I don't make my bed. Notice how nonchalant Chumba is (he of the incredible girth and soft yellow fur) "Who, me? Pull the bottom sheet off? Wreck the bed? Really."

And Kate is sleeping on my pillow.
(Probably exhausted from playing hide and seek under the quilt with Fluffo.)

Bad cats, both of them. Bad cats.

We'll see how smug they are when I let loose the small girl who loves to fold kitties up and carry them around.....


Cat, Galloping said...

this is why i don't make my bed! who can disturb such sweetly sleeping kitties?

Wisconsin Crunchy Mama said...

Haha, too cute. Hey, we have the same monitor (why do I notice these things?)

Erin said...

I was working on coming up with a comment when Emily fell and bit her lip. After calming the tears, cleaning the blood up and getting her a sippy cup, I got nothin.

But I wanted to say I was here and say hi, so hi! :)

velcro said...

mine find that piece of clothing that would show up their discarded fur just perfectly, then snuggle down on it.
they've also completely wrecked our couches, and two days after buying the couches, Frog (the worst of the four legged furry penguins) threw up all over one of them. She came so close to becoming a pair of gloves that day!