Friday, 3 November 2006

a randomizer, and a way to make a difference

The amount of people participating in NaBloPoMo is huge, and getting, well, huger. A One neat way to scan some of the entries is this:

The NaBloPoMo Randomizer

A friend of mine, Lala, just moved from the city to the country, and her fourteen year old son is facing a birthday away from his friends. If you get a minute, could you send him a birthday greeting? Details are here.

More later - I hear an unhappy cat upstairs. If they could only say "Ouch! Laroo! Leggo my tail, oh fiendish small girl with sticky hands!"
I might come to their rescue faster.


Erin said...

There's an annoying car dealer in our area who says his dealership is HUGE, HEEEUUUUUUUUJAH! And every time I hear it I want to blow him up.

But I am very glad to hear that NaBloPoMo is HEEEEUUUUUUUUJAH! :)

lala said...

Thanks for the support, we appreciate it.

Cat, Galloping said...

it's way better than if your cats said HISSSSSS and scared the bejeezus out of your kids... not that i know any cats that do that. ahem.

velcro said...

i suspect if my two cats could talk they definately wouldn't have a vocab that would include words like "fiendish". The smartest of felines they are not, still working out (at age 8) what mice are for.