Tuesday, 31 October 2006

s'posing they could snark

Rosey: Why are you laughing?

Cass: Because, sis, this is going in YOUR babybook. I look relatively normal, but you....you look like the Statue of Liberty exploded on your head. Vegas, anyone?

Rosey: But I'm little and cute. I can get away with anything!

Cass: Just remember who looks sane here.


We were leaving the little store in town and Cass stopped and looked at me.
"Mom? I'm a big tough pickup truck, okay? I'm not......precious.
Can you get (nice neighbor lady) to stop calling me that?"

Me: (doubtfully) "I can try...." (under my breath) Wooshy Sqooshums.

His costume? Three days. Her costume? Thirty minutes.

Happy Hallow'een, everyone!


My float said...

Ah they look so cute, the little smoochy poos!

Cat, Galloping said...

they're adorable!

Susan said...

Good work with the home made costumes! Reward yourself with much pilfered candy.

Erin said...

I am STILL so impressed with the truck. And the daisy! I love the daisy! Both are too cute! Sounds like they had a really good time!

MsCellania said...

But he is
And she is
And you guy have a helluva lot more energy than us. Store-bought, down to the little weapons they brandished.

M&Co. said...

Oh the TRUCK is MANLY! The Daisy is precious!