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mama, don't let your babies grow up....

testing his limits

getting political for a moment

you know your frustrations are showing when:

whine snark whine

hair blues


not a suicidal post


after the storm

going to war

going out


here comes the bride

and the beat goes on

all good things

bedtime stories

worker bee

the death of the laptop

finding a new place for my little guy

night games

you know I gotta


kissing Scott

blogging in the neighborhood

conversation with my four year old, who doesn't get to see any spooky cartoons

Katie! Ssssh!

No Picasso


Maybe I can have second best tattooed on my forehead...

the tumultuous birth of the baby girl

As the pearls of sweat roll down my brow

quiet night

Ol' Blue Eyes

It was a cool day, with clouds scudding across the sky

Mommy and Cassidy's Day Of Fun!

a distinct lack of Mommy-help

Cassidy's top five

last day

lazy day


Full of birthday cake and cream soda


critter from the zoo

two from the road

a leetle bit sore from the car-ride

Like a ripe peach

Ye Gods

A mermaid, she isn't.

Gahhhh! The heat!

He can camp! She can crawl!

I don't want to re-stir the ashes of a fight I wasn't involved with, but:

In which I notice I need upkeep

the eating of big boy

Mommy I want to go to the carnivore!

bathroom play time

the demise of the diaper bag

goodbye, puppy

little pink houses for you and me....

oh! These children!

February 8, 05