Tuesday, 7 November 2006

beans, beans

So, imagine you made Beef and Stuff* and the smell was percolating through the house....

What dessert would you choose to go with it?
Apple crumble?
Oatmeal chocolate raisin cookies?
Lemon Delicious?

Whatever you pick, don't start thinking how you've been trying to perfect that english toffee recipe (because there are only eight weeks until Christmas!) and decide to whip off a batch.

The kitchen smelled like candied cabbage.

And later, when B got home and saw what was on the table, he was shame-faced, picking at his food and finally admitting he'd had chili for lunch.

Yes, I slept on the couch. He and the cats reveled in his umm...glory? and had a musical night.

*Well, what else would you call it??
Pot Roast, two big cloves of garlic, four smallish potatoes, one big onion, shnook of butter, a strip of bacon in the bottom, half bag of baby carrots, two big handfuls of mushrooms, toss in crockpot, simmer all day, add half head of cabbage last hour (when the crock's down low)


velcro said...

it sounds very yummy. and would definately have chosen apple crumble. love love apple crumble, well actually the crumble bit.

the big question is, do you eat it with custard, cream or icecream?

daysgoby said...

Ice cream. Big dollops.

May have to make that crumble tonight.

Liz said...

Mercy woman! I'm doing well to get dinner served at a decent hour during the week and you're pulling out all the stops with dessert too! Am salivating thinking about apple crumble with ice cream. Yum.

Wisconsin Crunchy Mama said...

It all sounds delish! Poor Bear..lol

julia said...

Now wait a minute, if he was the one with the toots, why were YOU the one sleeping on the couch?

What the hell is it with Canadian men and their (pardon the pun) shitty digestive systems? TCBIM is a one man methane factory and if you get his father and brother in the room too, you need a friggin' gas mask after five minutes. They are disGUSting.

daysgoby said...

TRUST ME, it was safer on the couch.
I think I heard the cats get airborne a couple of times last night...

Now, Canada was settled by the French, then the English, then the French...on and on and on...

Both were made up of groups of people who wanted to start a new life. (start 'fresh', as the case may be. I'll pause while you groan.)

Isn't it possible that in these two populations some of those early settlers would have had tummy troubles, figured it was the water or the cooking or - I don't know, the way they prayed on Tuesday - and think that somewhere out there they would find a place with fresh water, good berries, fresh (on the hoof!) meat - and all their troubles would be over?

That, or the salt cod. Any population whose culinary offerings are mainly based on salted fish and moose meat - well, is it any wonder?

Muzbot said...

I can definitely recommend Kim’s Lemon Delicious recipe. Not that I’ve cooked it, but I have tasted it. Mmmmmm.

Canada said...

Pardon me as I laugh uproariously! Ohhh, the poor cats!

Hoping that the English toffee recipe gets perfected in time for the holidays, and in time for you to share it.