Tuesday, 7 November 2006

feeling a bit fraudulent

Tomorrow and Thursday I'm slated to go to a Population Health conference. The group I belong to was asking for volunteers, so it's not as if I was blind-sided into going, but I've only belonged to this board for a few months and there is a LOT I need to understand. Not only do I not really know the area, I also lack a fundamental grasp of the basics - not only who does what, but which office does what, and whom reports to whom. I missed out on a lot, not growing up here, in this country and political system, and some of the questions I have are so ridiculously simple that it's difficult for people to break down things to answer.

And I'm wondering if this (which feels like being tossed in the deep end) is the best way to learn.

Tomorrow I will take my big book-bag, a thick pad (or two!) and prepare to be amazed.

Aw hell, even if it's an entire bomb and I don't understand a word, the conference is taking place at a lovely resort here - killer views and even better food. So - if I am to be a fool, I'll be a well-fed one, who walks around staring at the amazing ocean views with a smile on her face.

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