Tuesday, 21 November 2006

too much PBS

I took the kids shopping today.

I needed an interview blouse, and we were out of the basics: milk, cheese, bread, clementines, those little horrendously expensive yogurts for kids...

And, amazingly, the kids both did really well. Cass is at the stage where he wants to help with everything - which usually means he's running full-tilt into someone and I'm apologising (and by the by, HOW do you get your child to pay attention where he's going? I realize he's a short person and I don't expect him to notice everything, but checking to see whether a cart is about to take him off his feet is...expected.)

So after he ran into two people at the department (you didn't really think I bought a blouse at the grocery, did you??) store, I banished him to the cart and he and R had a grand time singing theme songs and quacking, of all things. Then I went the wrong way in the store and ended up near toys. My only hope was to move quickly.

Nearly mowing down two small boys myself (maybe it's an age thing with the oblivious behavior?) I was almost out past the Barbies and the glitter-dolls when Rosey started hooting. She was staring, not at the Baby Wets dolls, not at the creepy giant makeup and hairstyle Barbie head, but at a poster.

'Boofoo!' warbled my daughter. 'Boo-foo!'

It was a poster of a lemur. I was bewildered.

Cass, of course, took it all in stride. He nodded. 'Yup, Zoboomafoo!'
Rosey grew even more excited by this. She half-stood up in her seat and said (loudly, echoingly, powerfully) 'Cwap! Cwap!' Then, questioningly, 'Cwap?'

Cass looked around. I was busy hiding my face in digging a breath mint out of my bag. 'I don't see the Crap brothers, Rosey. Maybe they're off giving Zaboo his lunch.'

Rosey looked down-hearted. 'Ohhh,' she said, sadly. 'Cwap.'

(They are, of course, the Kratt brothers. But darned if I'm going to correct my two!)


lala said...

the question is did you buy the poster?
I've never been able to choose a Crap brother, I've crushed them both in my tiny mental embraces. Which one do you like?

Angela said...

How cute they both are together!!! he knew what she was talkaing about. So sweet.

I have never seen this show.

wordgirl said...

Okay...any story about small children as they observe chimps/monkeys/apes is going to be sweetly funny. Yours is no exception.

Jeanne said...

Awww, we really like Zaboomafoo and Kratts Creatures here. Those two brothers are just... crazy. And not in the same way that Steve Crocodile Hunter Erwin was crazy (may he rest in peace). I prefer them because they don't go out and make it look like some kind of thriller show. They keep a respectful distance and don't promote touching dangerous animals. (Compared to Steve's "don't do this at home" style)

I think I feel slightly partial to Martin myself, he's the one who gets beat up the most... poor guy.

Canada said...

Ah, I miss Zaboo. And the Kratt brothers. Since grade one started, we don't get to watch anymore. But those Kratt brothers could certainly make a Mommy's day!