Sunday, 12 November 2006

wosey up

Today there was some thumping and bumping and Rosey appeared out in the hall, looking gleeful and clutching her blankie.

'Wosey up! Hi Mama!'

It was a minute before this struck me as odd. I was busy grinning at my happy little girl and wondering how on earth I managed to get a child (actually, miracles of miracles, I have two!) who is happy to see the morning, everyday. (So not like me. So not like me.)

Then it struck me. Didn't I leave her in her crib?

So what was she doing

It appears that soon we need to switch Miss Rosey's House of Bunnies to a bed. An honest to goodness bed. Her crib converts, so it won't be huge and scary for her, just different.

She'll probably be thrilled - one more step into Big Girl Land. And (bonus for her!) she can creep into Cass's bed if she wants.

And I will never be sleeping late again, will I?


julia said...

You mean you sleep late now? Bi-yatch.

Susan said...

Awww, big girl!

And no, you will never sleep late again. If by "late" you mean "past five am." No.

Erin said...

That right there is one of my bigger fears. I'm pretty sure it will happen sooner than later and I'm not looking forward to that day.

And no, you won't be sleeping late until she starts sleeping late (when she's 13) and by then you'll be so used to getting up at the crack of dawn that you won't be able to sleep past 6:30. It's just part of the great circle of life... :)

velcro said...

ach it's not so bad. I dreaded the transition from cot to bed with FB and he handled it fine. He's only fallen out oh a few dozen times but he's getting the hang of it.

Cat, Galloping said...

it's the end of life as you know it!

once when i was little, my mom fell asleep and when she woke up, couldn't find me anywhere. guess where i was! i climbed into my crib by myself and went to sleep! was i an awesome toddler or what?

Jenny said...

Yeah, and no more getting busy on the couch in the early morning hours.

Not that anyone with kids ever does that anyway...sigh.

Molly said...

Erin is right...

daysgoby said...

jenny - what is this 'get busy' that you speak of?

Cass has ears like a hawk. I practically have to drag B off into the woods so I don't have to have the "Daddy, what are you and Mommy doing?" conversation again.

There's only so long he'll accept wrestling as an answer, y'know?

MsCellania said...

Awwww, smart little girl!

We had one beg to STAY in the crib way past 3 and one who came out at 20 months. We reversed the lock on the 20 monther's door as he was not only getting out of his crib and room, he was strolling outside! Yikes!

I'd try her again a few nights in her crib. She may not try it again for awhile. Take all climbing stuff out so she doesn't get a leg up. If she keeps getting out, yeah - you've got to take a side off or transition to toddler bed.

We still keep pillows at the foot and head of the boys' beds to give them more of a crib feel. We also have rails on one side of both their beds yet. Youngest still falls out alot.