Thursday, 9 November 2006

shivering on the promenade deck

An incredibly blustery day today - wind and driving rain. I got soaked at the gas pumps, flung the kids at the babysitter and rushed into the conference right on time, leaving a drippy trail behind me.

Like most second days of meetings, this one was longer, and a bit more tedious. We were in the draughty conference room - the one with the bank of windows that looked out over the ocean like a cruise ship. After an incredibly good lunch (note to White Point Resort: Thanks for the Greek buffet. Nummy. But maybe not such a good idea to feed people huge chunks of red onion in their greek salads when after lunch we all have to do projects together?) the last few sessions seemed a bit surreal - one lady brought a huge prop,which leaned up against a chair for most of the afternoon.
I thought it was some sort of deranged moose, but it turned out to be a tree.* (I did get pictures and will put them in later, but my cameras at home and I won't be till after midnight. So you'll have to imagine.)

Moose-like, no?

I also got some shots of the beach and big waves. Pretty. (Imagine again)

Bottom line: It was a neat thing, the conference. I understand a lot more about Population Health than I did before, and we all came away with new ideas. I didn't end up looking like an idiot (always a plus!) and I now feel more able to help the Health Board.

Rosey threw a tantrum tonight, one of those shake-the-walls kind that reverberate in the air long after they're over. I think the twos are going to be fun with her. She's busy trying to be independent and learn everything, and it exhausts her to have to explain to us over and over again, don't we get it? that she wants to do things herself.

But one thing's for sure - our days? Will nevah be boring with her around.

Mao Tse-Tsung Toddler, exhausted from bossing the rest of us around.
Why won't we learn that her way is the best way?

*Actually, it was a good visual aid. All the little leaves on it represent parts of her programs (she works for Public Health). I was just logy after lunch.


Molly said...

I too have a Rosie and when she was little life was NEVER dull.

Jenny said...

I think it looks like a tree with eagle talons.

I love that second picture, by the way. Makes me feel all chilly. Like I can smell the ocean.


velcro said...

i dunno. it looks like some mad mutant eagle zombie. ughh.

i love the photos of the ocean. wild oceans are far more fascinating that dull millpond ones.

and the photo of your sleeping dictator is so sweet!