Wednesday, 12 March 2008


Today, I'm:

all aghast and listening to this Spitzer/Ferraro mess,

Writing out a massive grocery list (even my back-up meals are getting thin now; I've been putting off going for awhile)

and laughing my ass off at Simon's Cat.

There is another on YouTube. Very funny.

Tomorrow there's lots going on - the kids have activities and I'll have the camera.

But tonight, studying....and bed.


Christy said...

Cats are such evil geniuses. My hubby is allergic (allegedly) so I'm jonesing for a puddy-tat!

Sarah O. said...

My son knows I like cats (unlike everyone else in the family) and showed me these about a week ago. I LOVE these cartoons!

Great minds think alike.

Spanglish said...

Cats are great. Thank God I'm allergic, though. I don't think I'm smart enough to handle that much sass.