Friday, 21 March 2008


Bed-time. The sweetest part of the night.

And I say that not just because I love my me time, or because I relish spending a few lazy hours just being a grown-up with Bear*, but because saying good-night to my bath-scented children is one of the nicest things no one ever told me I'd love as a Mom.

First to Rosey's room, where she's curled up on her bed, legs planted firmly on top of her covers. (She's very literal about the tucking-in.) So I lift her sweet little pajamaed legs up, smooth the coverlet and Blankie over her and find her Emma-rabbit (Bronwyn is already tucked in at her side.) Kiss her goodnight, recite a quick 'Now I lay me down to sleep**' with her, and then we say goodnight. And it's not just good-night, but it's:
Me: Sweet dreams.
Rosey: I love you, Mama.
Me: I love you too.

Then over to Cass's bedroom, where he waits, feet under his duvet but with his light burning, stealing a few quick minutes to read before bed. Same prayer (he likes to talk about who he's asking God to take care of) and then I find GeorgeJason the dinosaur and Beau and Charlie the dogs and set them around him. Kate the cat (real, not stuffed) is usually up on his bed by now, (he is her boy) and she settles in, purring and talking to him a bit while I fuss with the covers and say my final goodnight, sleep tights, I love yous.

Out in the hall, a smallgirl voice floats out towards me: Mama?

Me: Yes, Rosey-Posey?
Rosey: (there's a small wet thwack as her thumb is taken out of her mouth) Don't let the bed-bugs bite.
Me: You either. I'll see you in the morning, sunshine.

And then there's quiet (maybe a rustling as one or the other turns over in their beds) and a moment before I grip the banister and head downstairs to think

I am so lucky.

*not really a euphemism. Honest.
**We don't say the 'If I should die before I wake' bit, because why would I scare them with that? Instead we say 'Keep me safe all through the night, and wake me with the morning light.' Then we say 'Thank you God, for this good day.'


Vanessa said...

This is so sweet! You are very lucky!

BabelBabe said...

WHAT? You don't have to read sixteen stories, and then tuck and kiss, and retrieve stuffies and pillows form all over the house, and then sing, and then tuck and kiss did I have 4 children?

jenontheedge said...

You are so very lucky. As parents, we all are.

My float said...

That's a beautiful post!

I like the prayer and the replacement for 'die before I wake'...I will definitely be adopting that!

Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

Ohmyprecious! I LOVE your version of that prayer!!

Blessings, my friend. Your cup runneth over!

Sue said...

That's very much like our version of the prayer, "Thy love be with me through the night, and wake me with the morning light". I love bedtime rituals too!

Suzanne said...

This is very sweet!

Jenty said...

That is so sweet!
Gives you the warm and fuzzies :)

Kapuananiokalaniakea said...

Thank you for sharing your good night routine. It is beautiful. That has always been one of my favorite times as well.
And I agree with the "now I lay me down" prayer. We changed it too.

angelfeet said...

"there's a small wet thwack as her thumb is taken out of her mouth". Oh my, that's my Jenny too. Bedtime is such a blessing.

Stomper Girl said...

This is lovely. I'm usually very intent on getting rid of mine so I can relax like a grown-up, I probably should savour it a bit more.... I do love creeping in after they're asleep and revelling in their sleeping beauty though!