Wednesday, 19 March 2008

the pursuit of

The air was crisp and sweet with the promises of spring
beginning to stir
and the kids ran and ran and chased each other
and there were flying toys

and snow-melted places to squelch your boots through

and sweet new growth on the trees

and a mystery....
Yup. It's a rock. With a chain attached to it.
In our meadow. We don't know either.

Wasn't it a beautiful day?


a. beaverhausen said...

The rock with the chain? There's gotta be a story there. Don't you wonder?

a. beaverhausen said...
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meggie said...

Perhaps the rock is a fugitive from somewhere!
What a fun day you had!

Anonymous said...

And the chain wasn't there before? Think the deer have been up to something?

M&Co. said...

Looks like a lovely day.

The rock with the chain is weird though.

Angewl said...

It DOES look like it was a beautiful day!

Nasty weather here.

The chained rock? Thats bizarre.

Jenty said...

That rock and chain is very strange!
What a gorgeous day though!

kurrabikid said...

Truly beautiful. How lucky are you?

Dawn said...

I would totally try and figure out what was up with that rock and chain...very weird...and kind of creepy!

Looks like an amazing day, we are having one of those sky, not a cloud in sight...but still 34 degree :(

Suzanne said...

Great pictures. Maybe someone tried to steal the rock at some point and it's cemented into the ground? It's on meadow arrest?