Thursday, 13 March 2008

dancing dinosaurs

Cass had been psyched about today for a few weeks. First off, it was March break, and secondly, today he had THREE activities - an afternoon about dinosaurs (and Mom? Mom! Did you know there were dinosaurs RIGHT HERE? HERE, WHERE WE LIVE? I predict his favorite thing to do this summer will be to go looking for rocks.) where they made fossils of their own (trilobites? Are cool.) Then they all looked at fossils. You could have heard a pin drop for most of it - the circle of boys was all agog at real! fossils! Plants and animals!
Why, this could have been stepped on by a dinosaur!
Then the boyishness of them broke through, and they all roughhoused and crowded each other for a chance at the magnifying glass.

After a quick snack (I needed coffee) and a few minutes downtime, we were back. For Dance Dance Revolution. C was awed by these girls, who kicked and stepped and danced in unison.

Dancing is cool.

When it was all over, we sped home, gave him some downtime, (wrestling with his sister, natch) fed him supper, and hurtled out the door again. For his first dance.

Yes. His first dance. It was as noisy and chaotic and crazy as I remember school dances being, and he loved it. Held in one of the local fire halls by the Parents and Tots Organization, (who all know how to party!) it was an absolute hit. He came home smiling and exhausted, streaked with pink and green and yellow squiggles (ink stamps that glowed in the dark?) and full of stories of classmates, wars*, pizza and cheezies.

He fell asleep taking off his pants getting ready for his shower, intoxicated on excitement and being so grown up.

*wars seems to be groups of boys, roughly divided into good vs. evil, chasing each other through the hall all night.


Making My Own Fun said...

A school dance? A dance? Already? Noooo!!!! I think my little guy is roughly the same age as yours. I'm not ready for this...

Sounds like a super fun day, though!!

Sue said...

Wow, it's coming up fast, huh?

My daughter is nine. So far no dances, but I'm sure I couldn't keep her away if there were. hehe.

daysgoby said...

Making my own fun:

Cass is six. This was a primary through Sixth grade, and actually I could have brought Rosey, as there were four or five little four year olds running around...

(but nah. This was Cass's thing. Maybe next time.)

Jenty said...

That sounds like fun! Bradley would have loved the dinosaur thing!

Angewl said...

what a day! he must have been so excited!

he did more in one day than I've done in a month. lol

meggie said...

What a great post! You took me back to my school days so long ago. The excitement of the dance! the boys 'wars'! it is all so familiar, though about 56 years later!!