Sunday, 9 March 2008

a mom of very little brain

I've begun to notice that the shows my kids are really gravitating towards are slightly off:

Beast Wars movie - Brought to you by the makers of Transformers, this stars half-animal half-robots with names like Tigatron and Predicon. Good versus evil in a very stupid and convoluted plot. And it's long - an hour and forty-five minutes I'll never get back.

Max and Ruby - Brother and sister rabbit, live all alone in cute house. Brother doesn't talk any more than two syllables, but big sis Ruby takes up the entire show with her bossy ways and ordering the younger Max around. There's a grandmother that pops in every once in awhile, but where are the parents? Best guess: they couldn't take Pushy McFlowered Pants and hopped out of there.

Wonder Pets - The continuing story of a chick, a duck and a turtle who save baby animals. Really. And watch out for the theme song - it's an earworm waiting to happen.

Nova. The Four Winged Dinosaur. Now, I love to watch these with Cass. He gets a kick out of them and I love watching his mind open up. I just have to remember to not attempt them with Rosey. (At least not for a few years!) Mama, what's that? Mama, what's that? Mama, what did he say? Mama, what's that? Mama, how did the dinosaur die?

Yes. My children are trying to make my brain bubble out my ears.


Loth said...

Could be worse. Could be Pokemon. Hundreds of badly drawn characters with improbable powers that your offspring expect you to memorise. Blech.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

At least it's not Hannah Montana. ;-)

Suzanne said...

That wonder pets show is evil.

Christy said...

I lived through the Pokemon movie--I actually fell asleep with a bunch of kids around.

Angewl said...

omg... youa re going to think I am so full of shit right now. I was thinking today if I could make a blog off of Max and Ruby and their negligent parents. Seriously.

Max actually said 'Good Night Ruby' tonight. I almost fell off the sofa!

Oh, I don't know if I mentioned this or now, but S loves that show and we watch it every day. lol

that is in edition to her addiction to Dora, Diego and the Little Mermaid. If she can get away with it she wants to watch Wonder Pets, Wow Wow Wubzy, Oswald and Little Bill.

Joke said...

There are no good shows.


barbra said...

Ack Ack Ack. I walk around the house singing the Wonder Pets song!!

That and the Little Einsteins song. Don't listen to it if you don't know it. It's a good show, but I warned you about the theme song!

Vanessa said...

I'm so glad I've never heard the Wonder Pets song, sounds like I might need to poke my ear out if I did!

Stomper Girl said...

The only one I've heard of is Max and Ruby which exercised a strange fascination for the Climber a few years back. I wanted to slap Ruby.

Mr Lady said...

No matter what is stuck in your head, or how badly it is stuck there, the theme to The Wonder Pets will get it out. And quick.

I second you on the Max and Ruby. It makes my teeth hurt.

Major Bedhead said...

I HATE Max and friggin' Ruby. Hate. Them. And Boo? Friggin' LOVES them.

What's wrong with Oswald? Or Little Bear? Or Mrs. Spider's Sunnypatch? Those are nice shows, with no annoying characters (and I get to remember my love for Fred Savage whenever I watch Oswald).

Max and friggn' Ruby. Pah.

My float said...

Hey, don't they make crap for kids??!!

hensteeth said...

Max and Ruby were staples at my house. Even when only I got the joke.

And we had Foo-Foo the Cat. A live little girl transformed for no rhyme or reason into a precocious, clawing, cloying, annoying, quite female cat. Count yourself transformer lucky.

Sue said...

You know, we watched Max and Ruby for a while before I realized Ruby was his sister, not his mother. I've never met the mother. My son prefers Spongebob and Backyardigans when he wants to sit still, but even that is fleeting these days.

I hate Wonder Pets. They sing... all the time... and it's ANNOYING. Dora shouldn't be allowed to traipse about all alone with a monkey in the wilderness, and have you been unfortunate enough to be in the room if Yo Gabba Gabba comes on? I watched it once without my son. Torture. Pure Torture.

I decided last week to leave the TV off and we've done fine without it since.