Saturday, 29 March 2008


I'm considering starting to sell things on E-bay.

I looked at all the rules, the regulations, the procedures to follow awhile back - I can't remember why I decided not to do it then - probably laziness - but while it sounds interesting, I'm not sure it's worth the work. It's not as if I intend to make small fortunes from this - more like a clearing-out of things that I don't want to freecycle - but I can't help but wonder how narcissistic is it for me to think that other people would be interested in my bits and bobs.

It's a puzzle. But an interesting one. Something to turn over in my head on a snowy day.


Caro said...

The reason I have not ebayed lately is because they charge a fee. Then paypal charges a fee. Then shipping costs are outrageous. Sigh.

But people probably do want your bits and pieces.

If you want an easy way to sell used books, list on Amazon. They do all the work. :0

Molly said...

Well, one woman's trash is another woman's treasure. Did you read the recent Tanya the Art Butcher post about all the loot she got from a crafty friend? You just never know when what you're hoarding is "gold" to someone else!

blackbird said...

You know, I kind of just put those blue bottles on my blog - in case anyone wanted to buy them? Five people wanted them.

I mean, I certainly don't need anymore stuff (what with the selling of bottles) but you might be surprised at how many people DO.

Anonymous said...

Given all the random bits and pieces I've seen on eBay, I'm sure someone somewhere wants your stuff. As Caro says, eBay does charge you to sell, so you might try Blackbird's idea. I can vouch for it, since I was the person who bought those blue bottles.

Vanessa said...

My cousin does this and she has some good stuff she sells like clothes, some unusual things and every once in a while she puts up something random like a kitchen sponge (new). She gets bidders on all of it. It's amazing what people buy.