Sunday, 23 March 2008

early morning enthusiasms

The kids are delighted with their Easter baskets. Kudos to the Bunny.

The hero of the morning is Bear, who made coffee as soon as he came through the door at 7 am and noticed one small(ish) son wandering the halls with the light of jellybeans in his eyes.

Cass is chomping away with great abandon while Rosey futzes with her Barbies. (and the dog enjoys the delicious and unexpected snack of Barbie shoes)

Now to prop open my eyelids (toothpicks, anyone?) slurp a few more mugs of coffee and watch the kids heads' rotate with all the early morning sugar - always a fun time!

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witchypoo said...

Wonderful! Take lots of pictures.

meggie said...

Laughing hysterically at the dog's snack. Better than chocolate, which can poison a dog!