Saturday, 22 March 2008

disjointed post (I'm tired)

Kids in bed, loot out....
Easter outfits hung and bits and bobs sorted...

There is a pork tenderloin marinating in the fridge with a couple big crushed cloves of garlic, a thin-sliced lemon, some green onion and a mixture of butter and olive oil in the fridge....I keep opening the door to get a sniff.

What to serve it with?
Quartered potatoes, browned in the oven with rosemary and sea salt?
Rice, confetti-ed through with bits of lemon peel and green onions?

I want to try to bake biscotti.

Why do I watch Losing Isaiah when I know it's going to make me cry? And it irritates me tremendously that I do cry, since I spend most of the film hating Jessica Lange's character and can't stand Halle Berry's wooden-ness and find it hard to feel any sympathy for any of them?

(It's the film du jour to run late at night)

Tomorrow we'll be doing the bunny here, then packing up and showing the kids off at my sister-in-laws, where they'll hunt for treasures and get spoilt with chocolate by their grandfather. We'll eat strata and fruit salad and rejoice in family.

And now, to bed. New library books await!

Happy Easter, everyone. I hope your day is happy, full of family and fun.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're ready. Happy Easter!

(I vote for the potatoes.)

Molly said...

Your dinner ideas sound yummy. onwards to the chocolate! happy Easter Jess!

Anonymous said...

Man, that dinner sounds GOOD!!!

Angewl said...

Yummm... the potatoes get my vote, as well!


Mr Lady said...

Oh that pork sounds good. We didn't finish dying our eggs until 11:30 last night, and the baby dyed more of herself than anything else.

It's bad on Easter when everyone asks you why your kid has black eyes. "It's purple egg dye, I swear!"

Happy Easter!

BabelBabe said...

biscotti is easy-peasy. if you need a good recipe, lemme know - i do anise and almond...