Wednesday, 5 March 2008

drive to town

Rain rain rain cold wind blows gray fog descends rain rain rain icy roads icy trees icy sky windshield wipers can't keep up rain rain rain cold wind buffets the car car thinks about skidding I stop that foolishness and switch to four wheel drive rain rain rain Cass pet the cat and make her hush cold wind icy road icy sky icy wind damn those big trucks drive fast (and kick up a lot of water) radio mutters something about black ice snort like it could get blacker than it already is? Cold rain rain rain the heavens drip and....there's the turn. Off the highway, onto a secondary road that's slicker than goose grease and this is Canada don't these people know how to drive in this weather? Rain rain rain icy branches thwack the car (which upsets the cat again) and...we're....there.

Slowly, slowly into the parking lot (please don't let me hit the vet's car) creep into a space, shut motor off. Kate caterwauls a few times and falls silent. Cass flips off his seat belt and eagerly volunteers to take the cat in. He jumps out of the car and neatly slides under the (parked and car off, remember) wheels, the ground is a solid sheet of ice. Reach down and haul him out from under the car, grab cat in box, drag son, hoist cat. Do best Quasimodo impression into the vet's office.

Oh! Hi, Jess. How's the mister? And what's wrong with Kate today?

Hmm, those roads must be wicked.

You think?

P.S. The old kitty has been having pooper problems. Not thyroid, not diabetes. Sent for the long drive home with steroids (because they pump. clap her up!) and if she continues shitting on everything to have litter issues then we'll have to take another sample back.

Preferably on a better driving day.


alison said...

Oh, big hugs and commiserations. On the weather front and also on the cat pooper problem front. My dear departed Elvis suffered from constipation, the poor thing would back up for a few days and then simultaneously explode from both ends. And never in his litterbox.

My driveway is an ice rink underneath the new snow. It made pushing the snowblower an um experience this afternoon.

Vanessa said...

Holy crap, that is one loved cat to be taxied around on a day like that! Stay home. Stay safe. Hopefully kitty will get better and not have to go back!

Loth said...

Poor thing (both you and the cat). But thanks - I tend to spend a fair part of most days daydreaming about living in Nova Scotia. I won't do that today at least!

Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Pooper problems are no good.

But better the cat than you, right?

SUEB0B said...

Taking a cat to the vet is miserable under ANY circumstances but I can't imagine I would ever have the nerves for ice...

(My old cat Bing used to shit in the car on the way every single time. Charming to pull a poop-covered cat out of his carrier...The vet LOVED me.)

Badger said...

If it makes you feel any better, that's the kind of weather we're having here in TX today (but without the black ice).

Molly said...

I'm not always deliriously happy to be here in Florida.....but in winter I am! Hope the elimination problems clear up soon....Poor kitty!

trinity67 said...

Your writing is wonderful - I laughed so hard I snorted!

And please don't think I'm laughing at you because I can completely relate. Yesterday morning I staggered into the bathroom and turned on the shower only to discover a large cat poopy IN the tub RIGHT by the drain. ~hurl~