Saturday, 30 December 2006


These are the first sentences for the first posts of each month of 2006.

January: (it's a new year, baby) Someone said that to me last night and my first thought, bizarrely, was those Virgina Slims ads "You've come a long way, baby" with the women all sultry and sleek, smoking their cigarettes with the silent adoration of the men with them... Yup, long way from that, baby.

February: In the last two days, I have:

March: (To distinguish between the spellings of principal and principle) The principal is your pal.

April: Mama? Did you know that my big brother is big enough to get stuff off the counters now?

May: The Boy gets gum from his grandfather.

June: I came home from work today and the house was sparkling clean.

July: There are moments with your kids where you're pretty sure your heart has stopped.

August: It's hot. Hot hot hot hot hot hot.

September: So! We tossed Mo and Curly into the car, and we were off!

October: We sent Cass to bed early tonight.

November: We took a long drive this morning after breakfast, through the woods and around the river.

December: November's over and it's the weekend and WHERE ARE ALL THE POSTS?

Happy 2007, everyone!

stolen from I Do All My Own Stunts (and hers are much better than mine!)


Stomper Girl said...

Hers are good, but I really enjoyed yours too! I can't do it, I've only got 6 months to go with.

I liked We Sent Cass to Bed Early Tonight and all your school mnemonics too.
Thanks for posting!!!

Sarah Louise said...

Hmmm--I've started working on a year in review but mine isn't this fun...

Sarah Louise said...

oh, you did first sentences...I did post titles. Well, I guess I just gotta be me...