Friday, 8 December 2006

where are they hiding the dinosaurs?

Cass goes to the local museum today for a school trip.

And of course, this morning Curious Georges' adventure involved George going to a museum. I'm not sure where George lives, but his museum? Is much bigger than the one here. George's museum has huge things, like dinosaur bones and fossilized tracks.

The museum here locally has antique toys, displays of things from the Mi'kMaq, and bits and pieces of local flora, fauna, and history - I find it fascinating, but I worry that a five year old may...well, not.

And that would be a shame.

I tried to prepare him this morning, talking about the different things he would see, how they will have a giganticus Christmas tree there, how they'll do a craft and sing some songs, but he was fixated. (My son is very clear-headed. He likes to cut through to the bare bones of a situation. Groan. Sorry, couldn't resist.)

I know they'll take good care of him over there and that he'll have a terrific time, but I'm toying with the idea of calling to see if they have any skeletons (raccoon? bear? deer?) that they could flash in front of him.

Just to flesh out the presentation. (Okay, okay, I'll stop.)


velcro said...

He would love the Natural History Museum then. They have a huge section full of dinosaur skeletons ending with a massive, roaring T-Rex which makes me nervous! And then, right next door is the Science Museum.

Sarah Louise said...

Come to Pittsburgh, where we have the most dinosaur bones of any American (possibly world) museum. I'm not much for the skeletons, but I understand it's a huge draw for some people...

meggie said...

My son was always obsessed with Dinosaurs as a child.
I loved the pics of the snow covered trees, how beautiful.
And living in this current 'sauna' climate, they do look sooo inviting!

Susan said...

We took the boys to the very impressive natural history musem near us last weekend. It has a really terrific dinosaur exhibit that is totally kid-friendly.

Their favorite part? The damn elevator. Oh, and the stairs! Not the dinos.

Kids. Sheesh.