Sunday, 24 December 2006

ain't we got fun?

Sort of done!

I have wrapped, tagged, and boxed. I have sorted and folded and put away. Thanks to my sister in law, I am (for a few hours) childless. Thank you.

And, distressingly, I cannot remember writing my husband's name on any tags. So either the kids are giving him everything I bought, or there's a gift hiding somewhere.

How many more Christmas hidey-holes can I squeeze into a house with two nosey children? The gianticus Christmas plushes are out hidden near the dryer, the Santa gifts are in the pantry. regular gifts (ie from Mommy and Daddy)are in a laundry basket tucked in a corner behind the tree. (I really, really, really don't like wrapping presents. So protecting them from the possibly wandering fast fingers of the girl is key.)

Our Christmas is two days long - Bear works a 24 on Christmas Day, so the kids will do stockings with him early tomorrow am, then he'll go to work and we'll go for the Giant Unwrapping Of Loot, part One at my father-in-laws. When B gets home early in the morning Boxing Day (that's December 26th*) we'll open all the presents that my side of the family has sent and the family gifts.

So - I feel one last trip into town coming on. I still need to check and see if Rosey has enough to fill her stocking, and make the strata for tomorrow morning.
In honor of some of my newly-svelte relatives, I will also be bringing a fruit salad.

I'll check in later.

* Boxing Day was traditionally the day people would box up their leftovers for the poor. Now I think it's celebrated more as a day to get the best bargains.


velcro said...

Merry Christmas Jess. I hope your presents remain safely hiden until it's time for them to go under the tree. Never hide them in a suitcase, that's the first place they look!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Jess. Hope to see you over the holidays. Keeping gifts hidden is an artform, because hubbys & kids are nosey or curious.
Love to all your household, from our household
The Crazy Chef

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

My, my. Sounds like such a busy holiday. I wish for you and yours, a wondrous and blessed Christmas.

angelfeet said...

I'm convinced my Mum still has presents hidden away for my sister and myself even after 20 years of us not living at home, as she was always searching the cupboards for presents she'd mislaid, even before she got round to wrapping them. You sound like you're much more organised.

Merry Christmas! Have a great time.

Sarah Louise said...

I totally forgot at least three gifts in Pittsburgh (and since birthdays are in this season too they'll not wait, I'll mail them...)

We always had extra gifts show up as kids growing up overseas b/c the mail was unreliable.

Merry Christmas!!