Saturday, 16 December 2006

i think i ate too much air today

My cupboards are beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Last night R and I went and bought all sorts of baking supplies (even tho' I still haven't decided what to make) and a box of clementines.

I didn't know the kids were going to love them so much. Last year C ate three and R would put them in her mouth, make a face and be done, but this year? This year they've both figured out how to peel them and have started stuffing them in their cheeks like chipmunks.

So tomorrow I may have to go buy more.

R has started feeding her baby dolls. She taps the spoon against the bowl before she lifts it to the dolls lips, which makes me grin, but she's deadly serious about it. This morning after busily feeding them and then wiping their faces and bundling them all in a blanket on the sofa (nap time?) she turned

All day long she's been shadowing either Bear or myself, asking hopefully 'Supper?'* and then spooning up pretend food to us. This has been simultaneously cute and irritating - it's very hard to do (well, anything) laundry or dishes or type on the computer while stopping to mmmmm and yummy every few minutes.

At snack time this afternoon I grabbed her bowl and pretended to dish some up for her. Tinking the spoon against the bowl, I asked "Would you like some supper, Rosey?"
all set to have her open up like a baby bird.

She shook her head and opened her hand, showing me what she had been carrying in her pocket.
"No, Mama. Norange. Rosey eat norange."

Later on, as she and her brother did the chipmunk routine again, I thought about hiding the box of clementines. But really, I was too full from all that air to move for awhile. Better just let them play.

*And it does still sound like hopper


Stomper Girl said...

You want to watch it. You'll be putting on weight, pigging out like that.

What are clementines?

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Enjoyed the post. Kids can get us to do some strange things.

Stomper girl is right to caution you about pigging out on air. It's not just the weight gain but it has almost no fibre and worse of all air today contains so many additives.

Here's an idea, teach her to peel clementines and feed you!!!

Sarah Louise said...

Absolutely wonderful.

Clementines are tangerines--they're like oranges with zippers coz the peel comes off so easily.

velcro said...

I love it when they start to use their imagination and you get to sneakily watch them. I don't think the FB ever did the pretend feeding thing but frequently prepares invisible three course meals

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