Wednesday, 2 August 2006

my brain is melting

It's hot. Hot hot hot hot hot hot.

The entire province (except for the lucky cliff dwellers of Cape Breton) is under a "Stay inside or you'll cook" warning. Despite some spectacular thunder and lightning last night, the air is still muggy and oppressively, angrily hot. (30's but feels like 40's - that's 108F.)

Playgroup this morning was chaotic - the little ones wanted nothing of circle or craft time, they wanted their swim-suits, pronto. Once those were on, there was a general stampede out the door and some jockeying for pool position (R tussled with one boy over whom was going down the pool slide first) and soon all the children were wet and happy.

Unfortunately, Mommies weren't allowed slushy drinks, and the kiddy pools weren't really big enough for us to dunk in too, so we stood around, sweating and eyeing our kids, unsuccessfully trying to think of some way to accidentally fall in.

After playgroup was over (and, my God, the howling when the two-minute warning time was issued - they were not interested in coming out of the water at all) I stuffed my (vehemently protesting) daughter into her hot car seat and drove across town, where I sold her for a slushy drink and a sun umbrella.**
I would have bargained for more but it was too hot.
And my brain was melting.

** Oh, okay, thrust her at her babysitter and raced away to get a frozen coffee - call it what you will...


Lily's Mama said...

Yes, it is hot for sure!! I am a lover of the heat though so I am thrilled with the weather. Of course, it does make it better in the house since we have central air conditioning.

Love the pic of R with the butterfly wings - so sweet!

Wasn't that a fantastic looking lightening storm last night??

Sweet Coalminer said...

Haaaaahahaha. Stay cool! You may have as much slush as you can handle.

Angela said...

I did not step fot outside my house all day. NO WAY am i going out there.

I hope you got to enjoy your iced coffee!

julia said...

I sat in the girls inflatable pool. I set up the sprinkler so that it was wafting back and forth in the pool. It was fanTAStic. I'm going to do it again today because at 7 this morning? It was already 80 friggin' degrees. Gah!


Jeanne said...

We got the fantastic thunderstorm here too, and the muggy muggy heat too. We have a pool though,... except most days I have trouble getting to it, because there are so many things that need to be done around the house.

Ahhhh, iced coffee... mmmmmm....