Thursday, 1 June 2006

who are you, and where is my husband?

I came home from work today and the house was sparkling clean.

Okay, Bear didn't do that - the cleaner did that. But what he did was:

Went to the market, buying everything on a two page list
Put all the groceries away
Purchased a money order for me (ah, the seductive power of e-bay!) and mailed it
Took a bag full of clothes to the post office, bought a padded envelope, stuffed them in, and mailed my package to the States
Called the doctor (we needed refills)
Picked the meds up at the pharmacy
Cleaned out his car
Re-wired the radio in his car
Mowed most of the lawn

All of this without a grumble.
What do I check to make sure he hasn't become a pod person?


Liz said...

Pod person or no pod person please send him on to my house when he's done there -- or at least have him e-mail my better half!

My float said...

if he does it all again tomorrow, he's definitely a pod person!

Leanne said...

Always check the bellybutton FIRST!

Shinny said...

My first question to Steve doing stuff like that is, "What did you do wrong?". ;)

That is so sweet that he did all that for you though. Perhaps he just decided it was time for him to take on some of your normal duties to give you a break.

Give him lots of praise and treats and maybe this behavior will continue. (I know, sounds like training a dog but men can be that way sometimes. )

MsCellania said...

Can you clone him?

Amy P. said...

Get to the basement! The pods are in the basement! Take a weapon and a flashlight that WILL NOT DIE on you. Do not be afraid to call for backup. We'll be waiting here for your report.

julia said...

Who CARES if he's a pod person? Are you NUTS? If he is, can you get me one? Please? I'll be your BFF.

Spanglish said...

Julia is a smart cookie... I'm with her on this one.

Angela said...

I agree! I want one!!

Great job, Bear!!!