Tuesday, 12 December 2006

catching everyone up

Rosemary is better today - a little logy this morning, but I haven't heard a word from the babysitter, so I think she'll be fine.
B is still embarrassed. I'm still snickering at him.

Neither child woke up when I put the trees in their rooms. Rosey stirred once, leaving me breathless and fumbling for the door, but then she turned over and went back to dreaming. I will snitch C's back out tonight and restring the lights, (so he can wake up to twinkles) and then tomorrow morning begins the 'twelve days of elf-giving' - the kids get funny little presents that will show up under their trees in the morning each day.

Yes, I'm good at tip-toe.


Cass LOVED the museum - they have a huge Christmas tree loaded with old-fashioned ornaments, and they made....magical reindeer food? Reindeer dust? I'm not sure what the name of it is, (I think it's oatmeal and glitter) but Cassidy assures me that if we sprinkle it on the ground on Christmas Eve, the reindeer will come.

Why does that remind me of the washcloth story? Must be the sprinkles.

The snow has all melted, and we're due for rain. It seems so un-Christmassy, doesn't it? Nevertheless, I'll take it!

Nothing much new today - must bring my camera to work Thursday, as I just noticed the statue across the street looks like a man with a cowboy hat being grabbed from behind by some huge unknown thing (King Kong?) I think it's a Memorial statue of Canadian servicemen [do the Canadians have cowboys?] but will research and let you know.


velcro said...

I'm still sniggering at B!

Everyone is so inventive with their christmas traditions, you put me to shame.

Could he have been a Mountie being attacked by a Big Foot?

Jeanne said...

Ditto on the christmas traditions, that is such a cool tradition (Elf presents)

In western Canada, there are (and still are) some cowboys. (Calgary Stampede)

daysgoby said...

V and J -

I think my aunt started it when we were kids - seriously, we used to get sample bottles of shampoo and stuff like that - two gumballs, or a package of crayons - has to be little stuff (because elves are little people and can't carry big stuff!) It seems to really blow some of the pressure off waiting for Christmas. And I have fun with it!

I forgot the Calgary Stampede!
I'll have to take pictures of the statue, it really is odd...

Posybunny said...

Tree in their rooms? Now I feel inadequate!