Friday, 29 December 2006

where did we put the tylenol?

Last night I went merrily to the manse - both kids asleep, hubby studying - why ever not, right?

An hour later I got the call. R was throwing up again. And now the flu had really hit. Poor baby. Poor Bear, who was stuck tending to both her ends (and the means!) while I sat a few miles away. For someone who doesn't like vomit and poop, B is getting quite the initiation with Miss Rosemary.

Today, of course, she seems better, but I think we'll give her a few days of nothing heavier than applesauce (whoops, forgot she lifted half of B's bagel at supper - well, it stayed down, anyway) before we give the all-clear to visitors.

The kids' big present from their Nana and PapaR (my mother and stepfather) was a V-Smile. Mom sent me the money, and I went out and bought the thing.* Cass is enchanted, and he does seem to be learning - it is educational, and does require them to do a great deal with the alphabet, it's not just a level of game and then three letters - but there's this little voice in the back of my head that is incredulous that I (willingly!) brought a video game system into the house. I'm not above hiding the thing if after a few days he doesn't want to play with anything else (and so far that hasn't happened) - I'm just uneasy about it. He seems so young.

Rosey has a speech assessment the eleventh - which we expect her to blow through. That is, of course, assuming she talks to the therapist. The last few weeks she's really turned a corner and is now repeating and using everything she hears. Three and four word sentences!

And now we know what we had suspected and been blaming on poor speech ability - my daughter, my beautiful, funny, precocious, smiling, precious daughter?

Has a stubborn streak as wide as the Erie Canal.

God help us when she hits her teen years.

*Just the machine and the cartridge that comes with it - does anyone have any knowledge of any of the other games? I know there's quite the assortment.


Jenny said...

Maybe the stubborn streak will rub off by the time she hits her teens?

No. Probably not.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

wow. I have no kids of my ownn though I sometimes babysit. However, if the kids are unwell, they are rapidly deposited back with their mothers. I salute you for being able to talk about poop, fevers and vomit with such obvious love and joy.

daysgoby said...

Jenny - R is the spit of her Aunt M - who is a beautiful, smart, and independent woman who ALSO has a stubborn streak a mile wide. If R gives me half as much grief as the M stories I keep hearing - well, I should just start drinking NOW.

LGS - Yes, but you have a squirrel!

Thank you, my friend.

Stomper Girl said...

Hope the sickness passes soon! Poor Bear. I sympathise - not good with vomit and poo myself!

Sarah Louise said...

Ah, stubborn streaks. They're fun...not!

Hope everyone gets healthy, real quick!!