Friday, 15 December 2006

two things I wonder about

The statue. What are the things wrapped around his waist like huge fingers? And why is he doffing his hat? Is he really saying 'Goodnight, folks?' Is this the famed statue of the Unknown Polite Canadian?

And now I KNOW I live in Canada....

Can you tell what this is?
That's right, folks,
it's an
HOCKEY PLAYER Christmas decoration!
How could your yard be seasonally festive without at least two?

You can keep your ho-hum deer, or your yawn snowmen,
Brandishing moving hockey sticks to terrify carolers and visiting relatives alike.


Sarah Louise said...

darling, you did it again. I cannot stop laughing. I want an illuminated hockey player for my yard now!!

Canada said...

Shhh, don't tell anyone, but I HATE hockey!! If word gets out, I'll probably be kicked out of the country!

Illuminated hockey players, meh!

julia said...

But where's his toque? Eh?

God, don't tell TCBIM - he'll have you ship one down to us.

daysgoby said...

Last-minute Christmas gifts? Anyone?

They're marked down again to $29 CD.