Sunday, 24 December 2006

we may fly big planes, but we're all just kids at heart

I know many of you have small ones at home - my son (and his father, frankly) are getting a kick out of this site.

The weather channel here had a small blurb on NORAD as well, talking with the Canadian pilots who get to take the jets up and 'escort' Santa on his route. Some consider it the highlight of their service years. Cass was amazed, listening with wide-open eyes and a'goggle mouth - big people! in fast planes! With Santa! Poor goy, he's having having trouble believing the Christmas is! finally! here!

I wish each of you the most amazing holiday of all.


Joke said...

Oh, and merry Christmas to you and all of your goys. ;-)


daysgoby said...

I re-read and KNEW you would catch that!

Joke said...

It helps to be goy to enjoy Christmas.