Monday, 11 December 2006

the cadbury bunny has competition

Rosey threw up yesterday.

As soon as we got home from my father-in-law's, R turned pale and urped over Bear's coat, tossing up several times afterwards. She spent the rest of the night drinking Gatorade, keeping down a few tablespoons of applesauce and being petted like the princess she is. She went off to sleep after a (gulp) suppository of Gravol and some Kids Tylenol, and seemed cheery when she woke up.

We were a little concerned, because there's a flu-like thing going around, but she ate and drank like a champ this morning. She even managed to con my FIL out of some (contraband) candy he keeps in his pocket at lunch.

Which is why I was surprised to hear B shout for me a little later.

'She's got the diarrhea! She's in a mess! Oh,'s all up her back!'

I zoomed upstairs, where B was hopping up and down like a little girl agitated and making chokey noises.
(My husband, the ham. Sometimes I just call him Pork Butt.)

Right. I grabbed up the nonplussed R, swept her into the bathroom, carefully peeled her shirt over her head, yanked down her pants, and stopped. I took a peek.

'B, she doesn't have diarrhea. There's no poop in there.'

B took a look. 'But it was all up her back! It's all over her shirt....'

I grabbed Rosey's t-shirt and inspected. Sure enough, there was a dark patch above her waistband. A dark patch....with small bright-blue bits imbedded in. What the hell?

I looked up at B.

'It's chocolate.'


Anonymous said...

Men... THEY are the drama queens.

MsCellania said...

That's a good one.

jen said...

She poops chocolate? now that is a neat trick!!

Angela said...


He was all upset over CHOCOLATE!! bwahahahaha

Stomper Girl said...

Too funny. Make sure he never lives that one down...

julia said...

He was gagging over chocolate??? The big girl's blouse!

Print this blog entry. Put it in R's baby book. If he ever steps out of line, pass out copies around town. :D

Her Bad Mother said...

That actually happened to me once, as a kid. I raided my stocking in the wee hours and took all the chocolate with me back to bed, where I unwrapped and gorged and fell asleep, only to wake some hours later covered in brown goo, which my mother immediately assumed was, um, NOT chocolate.

Jay said...

Hmm. This story might have put me off of chocolate for a good 2, 3 hours maybe.