Tuesday, 13 November 2007

snaaaarg (whistle) phhla-buh.

Someone is snoring from the chair behind me. It's either the girl or the dog.

Jeez, I hope it's the dog.

Labs are allowed to sound like truck drivers, while preschoolers should snore a little more delicately.

I've been fooling around with my template today - and managed to delete a whole section of buttons and things. What a pain to put them back!

It's raining, washing away all the snow. You wouldn't think we'd still have green grass in November, but the rain is melting all the pristine whiteness into a more recognizable colored world. (And the autumn leaves, sadly waterlogged and drifted to the ground, still pretty, but muted now. Very few leaves left on the trees now.)

It's a good day for pajama pants, a mug of tea, and - maybe - gingerbread.


Liv said...

My Min Pin snores louder than my Pit-Pei does. It is quite funny.

Pajamas, that sounds like heaven.

TX Poppet said...

Mmmm, the smell of baking gingerbread. Heaven.

witchypoo said...

I think there are more leaves left in HRM, zone 6 I believe.
I am liking your new theme.
You should consider going with WordPress to a self-hosted blog sometime soon. I can help you export your data files. I'm geeky that way.
Btw, my latest entry occured not too far from you, on the Blandford Peninsula.

Stomper Girl said...


daysgoby said...

witchyp - I'd love to do that, but I know squat about hosting my own blog. Any books or pages to recommend?

Angewl said...

Beautiful picture.

Gabby snores loudly and isn't even five pounds yet.

Kristina said...

Snow?!?! Already, wow I'm envious of course me living in Maryland doesn't help.