Thursday, 29 November 2007

don't panic. hmph.

At the manse today, I was working on the bulletin, happily picking along on my new computer, woo-hoo and learning the new programs...

and the bugger froze on me. Several times. Then it tried to convert all my saved WordPerfect stuff to Word.

and after I worked my way through that while swearing a blue streak and gesturing wildly at the leering screen the printer stopped communicating with something and the whole thing...went to hell.

After abusing its' parentage, I cracked my knuckles, rebooted everything, and tried again.

Remember Hitchhikers' Guide To the Galaxy?

No, not the Don't Panic part,

the gesturing jello head part.

The computer? It's laughing at me. Loudly.


Anonymous said...

My computer is so slow that it's driving me to drink.

Anonymous said...

Wait...that was me back there. Wordgirl. Wondering what the hell is going on with Blogger and why can't I just post my non-Blogger website and name?

witchypoo said...

I have noticed that blogger is becoming greedy, making sure there are no outside references in the comments on many sites. It's wrong.
I have left you some llama love at my house.
See? Vee Haf Vays.

meggie said...

Holy Moly! What is with this 'nickname' crap..
The woo woo kid!!