Monday, 5 November 2007

calling all super-letters

(Yes. Rosey's been watching PBS again.)**

We have an overstuffed, grubby recliner that was given to us right before Cass was born. It has rocked both my babies well.

This morning my daughter is stretched out across the seat, head on one armrest, feet propped on the other. Her feet are teasing Jasper's ear. He's in the chair too.

They started curling up like this a few weeks ago, the monster dog carefully climbing over and tucking himself in with her smaller body, and her little feet pat-pat-patting whatever she can reach of his brown fur. And no, he's never been allowed on the furniture before. We like to think it was a mutual decision, since he doesn't try it with any of the rest of us.

Sooner or later, one of them will climb down and stretch out somewhere else. He is a big dog, y'know, and needs much more room - and she's given to elbowing her way into having more room than her share.

She's like her Mum that way.

**Ooh, S, have you seen this??


Unknown said...

That sounds like the sweetest thing ever! Maybe the dog thinks that if he curls up small enough you won't see him on the furniture.

M&Co. said...

And I clicked through from my reader cause I hoped there was a picture of this.

molly said...

Dogs and kids just go together together. I never regret having dogs while our children were growing up. In spite of the drifts of dog hair, and how I always seemed to end up with the poopy scooping detail---grrrr!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what my pack will be like with the new human addition.

I love the smiling goat on your site. Adorable.

Jess said...

As soon as I get a camera, M! I promise!

meggie said...

How sweet! Dogs have ways of getting what they want!

Angewl said...

awwwww... I can't wait to see a picture of this!

Anonymous said...

Such wonderful imagery. I used to do the same things with my dog. I still can lay across a recliner like that. Head on the armrest, legs across the other.

My two miniature pinschers easily find a spot to nestle into when they are laying with me. My Pit-Pei on the other hand. Poor girl thinks she is a lap dog. We just try to make due, and give her as much room as possible.

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