Thursday, 15 November 2007

seven more things you wouldn't know about me

I did do this awhile ago, but why not? I can always think of a few new weird things at random...

Motherbumper made me do it.


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1. I drink most of my daily water intake between the hours of, say, ten and midnight. See, after the kids go to bed is me time. I watch tv, hang out with B, play on the computer. Ten o'clockish, I head upstairs and grab my books and a BIG bottle filled with ice water. I tuck into bed and read. Ah, bliss!

2. I'd love to be one of those women who can wear makeup well. I don't understand makeup. I've bought books, watched videos, taken classes. I can't put eye makeup on to save my life. In most makeup I look like a hung-over raccoon. Adding to the kids' therapy bills, no doubt.

3. I thought Cass was a girl. Really thought he was a girl. B and I decided we wouldn't find out, but I was so sure it didn't matter. I was amazed and thrilled and excited (and zonked! Awesome drugs!) to find out he was a he. But once I got home and the grandparents and well-wishers had dispersed, and I was alone.....I (darting eyes around) put a dress on him. (sssh!) It was like putting nail polish and lipstick on the star quarterback. It was blatantly obvious he wasn't a girl. And once I pulled that outfit off him, all the cravings and low-level disappointment that he wasn't a girl...were gone. And now he's a big tall boy who has no recollection that his mother once stuffed him in something calico. Let's keep it that way.

4. I love the way the older people here talk. There are so many expressions that they use that are unique to this area - I've even caught myself saying Holy Jumpin' and using 'bath' as a adverb. (Are you going to bath the baby?) (Ah damnit, that may not be an adverb, but it's nearing ten pm and I just went to the library today, so my grammar may not be up to snuff) This is a fabulous post about the way they talk 'round here. (even if it's witchypoo's old blog)

5. I have a collection of cat mugs. I've always had cats, and when you have cats, people who love you and don't know what to get you, buy you something with a cat on it. At one point I had seventy-three. I still get a few every year or so.

6. I have beauty marks on my left arm in the shape of a star constellation. In another weird thing, Cass has a beauty mark directly above his left buttock, and Rosey has one the same size above her right.

7. I've never learned to play poker, and no one has ever offered to teach me. Not that I'm begging to learn or anything (I've never seen a Rocky or a Rambo movie either, and I'm not feeling the pain yet...) but it still seems odd, doesn't it?

Oh hell, do I really have to tag people?


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It's too late. I can't count.


Stomper Girl said...

That is VERY funny about the dress.

I don't want to learn poker because I already know I'd suck at it.

Angewl said...

Now you know I don't even have seven people to come read my blog. hahahaha

meggie said...

Very interesting.
Birthmarks are funny the way they can 'run in the family'.
Love the Cass story. I know a woman who had 5 sons. When the 6th was a boy, she just dressed him as a girl until he was about 9 months old. Didnt seem to harm him.

Sarah Louise said...


you know, this whole NaPo thing has reduced reading I'm thinking b/c we're all scrambling to POST.

December should be NaREADBlogsMo.

i am the diva said...

you dressed him in a dress?? he's totally going to remember that at some pivotal point in his adulthood. LOL.

Great meme!

i popped over via Evil Pink Cupcake

Maddy said...

Ooo I need to brush up on my linky doo dah skills.

How come some people can do this so easily?

witchypoo said...

Gosh, if I'da knowed I was gonna have company over at the old place, I would have cleaned or something. I'm glad you enjoyed my placeholder post over there, though. By the Laird jumpin'

Angewl said...

I totally forgot to to mention the dress thing.


Jenny said...

Oh my God I cannot stop laughing about the boy in a dress confession.

You are officiall my friend forever, you giant nut.