Saturday, 17 November 2007

may have to join a support group

And instead
of doing anything on that list, I'm pottering around.

I blame Bear. He didn't have to make pancakes for me. And the sun doesn't have to shine so beautifully. And I suppose the kids don't have to play quietly; I'm sure I'd get a lot more done if they'd just fight like cats and dogs.

Enablers, all of them.

All right, to work.
Because the only thing worse that lazing this bee-yootiful day away would be to have to face that entire list tomorrow.


evilpinkcupcake said...

I have a giant list too, but I am far to tired and mopey to do any of it... I just wanna curl up in a ball and hide under the blankies today!

Angewl said...

I don't make lists. Maybe I should. Nothing ever gets done. I am such a procrastinator. lol

Good Luck getting your list whittled away.

Isabelle said...

Does it really sound odd to you to say "I'm going to bath the baby?" (bath is a verb, by the way...). I wonder what you'd say. "I'm going to give the baby a bath? I'm going to wash the baby?"

Isn't language interesting?

daysgoby said...

Isabelle - Bath as a verb (thank you!) is English, I think. Most Americans would use 'Are you going to give the baby a bath?'

Or "I'm going to bathe the baby."

Kristina said...

haha, this is exactly my situation everyday, the list, the sun, the trees, and the procrastination that emerges from it all. Good luck.

velcro said...

my parents arrive this Friday for the weekend. My to-do list is now at 5pages.