Thursday, 8 November 2007

murmur murmur whisper

lean verrry close. No, closer. Can you understand me if I don't move my lips a lot?

Rosey blew the barbie bribe yesterday. Today, I picked her up at pre-school to have her teachers tell me (all four of them) that she stayed dry all day and 'was all excited about her new barbie.'

She has an hour and a half left until bath-time.

Pray for us. Or something.

And ssshhhhh.


meggie said...

Oh, I so hope she made it!! shhh.

Angewl said...

shhh..... I've got my fingers crossed.

the mama said...


Stomper Girl said...

Go rosey! Get that Barbie.

Kim said...

There is nothing, I repeat nothing wrong with bribing your children. With toys, with food, with stars on a star chart. Nothing. Wrong.With. It.

The only thing that got Oscar over the line in toilet training? A star chart with stars on it - a star chart which stars came off if he had an "accident". It just felt so cruel, but it worked.

Liz said...

Oh I hope she made it. I resorted to giving one of mine a dime for every time he went, and then a dime came out every time he had an accident. I am a cruel mummy!

M&Co. said...

The only thing more motivating than a Barbie is probably a Hot Wheels car to a little boy.

Wahoo for Rosie! And that Barbie shit, once you let it in your house, will torment you for eternity. The GirlChild is 13 and hasn't played with Barbie for years but that stuff is like rabbits and multiples.